The Dog Island

There’s no denying that The Dog Island’s concept artwork is exactly the sort of adorable that will immediately sucker in all the same people who still feel the need to check up on their Nintendog every now and again. Similarly, the sort of people who gleefully deleted their ex-girlfriend’s Nintendog post-breakup will no doubt have been immediately repulsed by the idea - it’s that sort of big-eyed, lash-fluttering, innocent-acting, emotionally manipulative “cute.”

Thing is, the game has been met with lots of “So it’s like Nintendogs but more so, right?” comments, whereas actually it feels more like a preschool introduction to a Zelda-esque RPG. Your quest involves finding a magical cure for your brother who is taken seriously ill in the early stages of the game. He passes out mid-cutscene, complete with mournful puppy tears and sad music. So sad… but still so damn cute.

Your search will take you to The Dog Island, where you need to find the cure for your sick brother through fishing and collecting fruit and flowers. The island map is huge, so there are tons of places to explore. And don’t worry, the environments are quite varied - from towns to the great outdoors.


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