The Darkness - hands-on

Your captor walks over to the wall, casually plugging a handheld drill into an electrical outlet while he curses your name and tells you exactly why you deserve this. Before you know it, the drill is being thrust into your head, bits of blood and flesh splattering outwards as the screen shakes violently. This is the world of The Darkness – gritty, degenerate and malevolent. It’s a strikingly beautiful, disturbingly intense game, a first person shooter descent into the world of mob violence and a cursed superpower.

Based on the Top Cow Productions comic book series that’s been going strong for the last 11 years, The Darkness follows the tale of Jackie Estacado, adopted into a life of crime and living with inherited dark powers since his 21st birthday. The game, slated for release later this spring and developed by Starbreeze Studios (Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay ), throws players into Jackie’s violent world, free to experiment with an arsenal of weapons and powers as he comes to terms with his newfound abilities.

We were able to go hands-on and speak to the developers at last weekend’s NYC Comic Con, and are thrilled to report that the game is coming along beautifully, and looks to deliver on its promise of beautiful, visceral shooter action. The gorgeous visuals will hit you squaw in the spleen within seconds of starting up the game - Chronicles of Riddick was one of the more graphically astounding games to hit the Xbox, and The Darkness can hold its head high even amongst recent stunners like Gears of War and Lost Planet.


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