The complete Pokemon Diamond and Pearl pokedex, part 7

Pokémon Name: Croagunk
Type: Poison / Fighting
Classification: Foul-mouthed Pokémon
Pokédex Number: 129 Sinnoh / 453 National
Ability: Dry Skin – Sunny Day lowers HP, while Rainy Day raises HP; Anticipation – Dodges super-effective attacks
Dream World ability: Poison Touch – 20% chance of poisoning opponent whenever user makes contact
Useful Attacks: Poison Stab
Location Found:
Diamond/Pearl: Great Marsh
Platinum: Route 212, Great Marsh
HG/SS: Safari Zone (post-National 'dex, Marshland area), Pokewalker - Rally
B/W: Route 8 (swarm)

A favorite of Team Galactic, Croagunk is a foul-mouthed, dirty-fighting frog Pokémon found in Sinnoh’s swampy Safari Zone. Its interesting Poison / Fighting type make it doubly weak to Psychic attacks, but its Anticipation ability may even out the odds a bit and finally let the Poison type shine.

Evolves to Toxicroak at Level 37.

Level               Attack                       Type
-                       Astonish                     Ghost
3                      Mud-slap                    Ground
8                      Poison Sting                Poison
10                    Taunt                          Dark
15                    Pursuit                         Dark
17                    Faint Attack                Dark
22                    Revenge                      Fighting
24                    Swagger                      Normal
29                    Mud Bomb                 Ground
31                    Sucker Punch              Dark
36                    Nasty Plot                   Dark
38                    Poison Jab                  Poison
43                    Sludge Bomb              Poison
45                    Flatter                         Dark

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