The complete Pokemon Diamond and Pearl pokedex, part 2

Pokémon Name: Staraptor
Type: Normal / Flying
Classification: Predator Bird
Pokédex Number: 012 Sinnoh / 398 National
Ability: Intimidate – Lowers foe's attack when released
Dream World ability: Reckless – Increases power of moves with recoil damage
Useful Attacks: Brave Bird
Location Found:
D/P/P/HG/SS: Evolved from Staravia
Black: Trade, Poke Transfer, evolve Staravia from Dream World
White: Evolve Staravia

Remember Starly, that adorable starling? After 40 levels of combat, that sweet ball of down evolves into this airborne bruiser. Sporting a sharpened mohawk and massive talons, Staraptor can rend his foes with ease. On top of his impressive speed and attack, Staraptor learns a variety of powerful new moves, including Brave Bird, a powerful Flying-type attack that throws caution to the wind and damages Staraptor too.