TalkRadar 65 – The Paul Bearer

A special goodbye to our own Paul Ryan, plus PS3 Slim news and FREE copies of Shadow Complex

Top 7%26hellip; games that need prequels%26ndash; listen as we brutally dissect a Top 7 whose author is too sick to defend himself

Wolfenstein 2009 released%26ndash; and we talk about it for minutes!

Three FREE download codes for Shadow Complex%26ndash; check ourTalkRadar forumfor info on how to win a free copy of this badass Metroid clone

12 things you didn%26rsquo;t know about the PS3 Slim%26ndash; first one, it%26rsquo;s not called Slim

Above: 700,000 views and counting

Paul Ryan is leaving us!%26ndash; so we make fun of him for 30 minutes

Win Smallville Season 8 on Blu-ray and DVD!%26ndash; check the link for full details

Win Metroid Prime Trilogy!%26ndash; own three of the best Nintendo-published games simply by photoshopping the Morph Ball into zany situations

Above: EXCLUSIVE! A personal tour of the GR office area!

Above: A mystery editor conks out 14 hours into the 24 hour marathon

Above: Even Chris succumbed to fatigue, here opting for the soothing rays of a blue screen

Above: The head crab gets what the head crab wants

Above: This sums up the whole night pretty well

Above: TheWebSwinger bids Paul Ryan a fond goodbye, one of many you%26rsquo;ll hear this week

Above: And here%26rsquo;s another from Eagle13511!

Above: Hands-down the best photoshop this week. Thanks a billion frootaloom

Above: KillDrone picked the absolute best image of Chris for this Shining reference

Above: New-ish user Anonymouse penciled this visual representation of our 24 hour marathon

Above: Cornsplosion, you murderer!

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Post date:
August 21, 2009
T-Dar 65 length: 1:51:49
Quote of the week: %26ldquo;These are the last remaining genes of Hitler mixed with the Children of the Corn.%26rdquo;
Intro song by: Anamanaguchi
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