TalkRadar 38 - The Love Cast!

We’re asking Lost and Damned, Deadly Creatures, Resident Evil 5 and God of War III to go steady

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WARNING: Explicit Content

We know. We sound like pricks sometimes. Having spent so much time crapping all over just about everything in the Game-O-Sphere, some of you may%26rsquo;ve forgotten that we actually like to play games. So, this episode we%26rsquo;ve set aside some time to talk about some upcoming titles that we%26rsquo;re genuinely excited about.

02-13-09 | Length %26ndash; 2:16:19 | Opening song byAnamanaguchi

Oh, we%26rsquo;re still mocking idiotic game audio, laughing hysterically at a certain publisher%26rsquo;s R%26amp;B theme song, and mulling over the game smooches creepy enough to deflate boners on Jupiter. But just in time for VD, we%26rsquo;re also spreading a little bit of love to all comers. Don%26rsquo;t worry - we still have a fart button.

- Brett digsDeadly Creatures
- Chris lovesResident Evil 5
- Mikel heartsGTA: Lost and Damnedand he%26rsquo;s seen God of War III!
- AndOXM%26rsquo;s Dan Amrich loves%26hellip;CarneyVale: Showtime?!

Above: Actuallyfun! Likethe clownfaced spawnof Peggle and PAIN

Top 7%26hellip; cringeworthy kisses
Bestiality, underage smooching and triangles doing the nasty

Deadly Creatures
A Wii-exclusive game about bugs narrated by Billy Bob Thornton and Dennis Hopper is actually good!

Dead Rising 2: All the facts
We dissected the trailer to DEATH

Retro Game Challenge
Don%26rsquo;t let the generic title fool you. This DS homage will put tears in the eyes of classic gamers.

A PSN title not starring the skunk from Bambi.

Barack Obama is a potty mouth!
Our fearless leader curses like a political sailor.

A Middle-American tribute to Shenmue
Proving once and for all that Sega and Ryo ain%26rsquo;t no goddamn pussy!

Accidental Male Prostitution
Is the economy really that bad?

Question 22: Game that brings back bad memories?%26ndash; answers in our delightfulforums!


Quote of the Week:
%26ldquo;If I%26rsquo;m not in the office, and talking to you on AIM, chances are I%26rsquo;m using a little brown punctuation.%26rdquo;

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Above: Mikel hogs GTA: Lost and Damned all to himself

Above: Dateless No More!


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Above: And it%26rsquo;s not this one %26ndash; click the image to see more

Above: LionheartAce is having visions of Duke Lombardi

Above: Clustershart whipped together this badass poster

Wind Waker unplugged%26ndash; if you missed this, here%26rsquo;s your second goddamn chance.

Feb 13, 2009


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