TalkRadar 36 - TV casualty

Lost, sitcoms and the greatest games ever headline this week’s 'cast. PLUS: Mystery Guest!

In this week%26rsquo;s thrilling installment, TalkRadar brings on a special mystery guest to finally settle a question that%26rsquo;s been burning in the minds of our fans for months: What exactly the hell happened between Chris Antista and Tyler Wilde? Once that%26rsquo;s settled, it%26rsquo;s on to our usual dissection of this week%26rsquo;s Top 7, followed by a frank discussion of why we chose what we chose for ourGreatest games on every platformfeature and spirited discourse on a couple of articles written by GR%26rsquo;s sister siteEdge Online.

After that, this week%26rsquo;s TV theme emerges with drunken ramblings about Lost, old episodes of Roseanne and a bizarre artifact from the days when Norm MacDonald still had a steady job.

Explicit Content Within! Persons with delicate ears should definitely not listen, as they will hear edgy no-no words freely spoken on South Park and HBO.

01-30-09 | Length %26ndash;2:07:10 | Opening song byAnamanaguchi

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A surprise guest %26ndash; WHO COULD IT BE!?!?

Oh, it%26rsquo;s Tyler Wilde. Huh.

Above: Tyler makes up for lost time by drinking more than all the other hosts combined

Top 7... Best beginnings%26ndash; The opening levels that stuck in our heads longer than any others.

The greatest game on every platform%26ndash; Postmortem on this week%26rsquo;s most inflammatory article.

MTV Music Generator%26ndash; Actually only mentioned as a pretext for dredging up a musical embarrassment from Mikel%26rsquo;s past.

The 60 Biggest Selling Games of the Last 12 Months%26ndash; GR%26rsquo;s sister site Edge Online counts down the hits. Surprise! Some of them are for Wii.

Lost%26ndash; So apparently this is a popular TV show now? We live under rocks.

Sitcoms that reference games %26ndash; Some actually get it right. TOO right.

The Making of... The Gabriel Knight Trilogy%26ndash; Cue Charlie Barrattgasm.

Mega64%26ndash; Were supposed to get a plug and a link in last week's article, but didn't. Sorry for the oversight, guys.

Above: In case there was any confusion last week, Mega64 did this

Question 20: What%26rsquo;s your least favorite game in your favorite series?


Quote of the week: "The GameBoy Color is a console that had titles developed exclusively for it."
"Yeah, too bad most of them are Shrek games."

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Above: Could the feud be over? Signs point to %26ldquo;maybe%26rdquo;

Above: Mikel loves all his children equally

Above: Back in Brett%26rsquo;s hometown, rednecks take in the natural beauty of the local Wal-Mart

Jan 30, 2009


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