TalkRadar 141- Pokemon Friday

Pokemon Black and White reviewed, GDC 2011 news round-up, 3DS wishery and a treasure trove of Super Effectiveness await you

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Wars don't have to be real to be senseless. Here%26rsquo;s proof

Unambiguously continues the strong tradition of the series

Click herefor many more tales from GDC 2011

What's up Hank's ass?
Total cop out question this week, but we%26rsquo;re very tired. Just go to the forums and do whatever you want. Apparently, a caller asked what your favorite town is? Or something? This week has sucked, so just go talk amongst yourselves, enjoy the showand we%26rsquo;ll see ya next week

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In the office

Above: Tyler Wilde snapped somegorgeous pics of Sony's NGPon the GDC showfloor...

Above: As well as some goofy shots of mocap gone mad

Above: B-B-B-BONUS podcast! This incredibly geeky video about the Marvel vs Capcom power levels may as well be a deleted segment from TalkRadar

Above: This week's episode of Trailer Trash Theater features zombies and naked babies aplenty!

Above: Elston got some fists-on with the Mortal Kombat fightstick

In the community

Above: Batman5273 celebrates the annual Oscar robbery

Above: And look at that! The R-Ape drawn by Batman5273's daughter?!?!? No shit?

Above: A hyper dope image from OneEyedGoon. WORD!

Above: Not sure if we get robotmand's reference, but we love it all the same

Above: santaclouse37's tributecontains 90% horror

Above: shnazzyone understands Elston is one dandy chap

Above: Glad graboids liked the podcast intro last week

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