Surgeon Simulator 2013 for sale on Steam

Curse your clumsy fingers through new operations and environments

Scalpel? Check. Forceps? Check. Sponge? Check. Fine motor skill? Nope.

Surgeon Simulator 2013 is live on Steam for PC and Mac, just a scant two months after we did some harm to a hapless patient with a 48-hour-game-jam version of the game. The morbidly hilarious project zipped through Greenlight, and is discounted to $7 until April 22.

The full version of the game has several more operations, such as a double kidney transplant and a brain transplant, and more operating rooms, including a moving ambulance. Don't worry, you still only have one uncooperative hand, its five little bastard fingers, and a tool shed's worth of hardware to get through the procedure.

If you're not sold yet, check out our RadarPlays of the prototype. Seriously.