Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo Revival Cheats, Codes & Guides

Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo Revival Cheats

  • Get Survival and Time Attack Mode

    For Survival mode get 500 VS Points and for Time Attack Mode get 1000 VS Points
    Submitted by Mandible Claw
  • Get easy moves mode

    To get easy moves mode you have to go into arcade mode. Once you start to fight press select. If you hear the noise you here when you press start at the title screen, you've done it correctly.
    Submitted by Anthony Reda
  • Get Akuma and Evil Akuma

    To get Akuma, accumalate from 4000 to 6000 VS points.
    To get Evil Akuma, accumalate 9999 VS points.
    Submitted by GONZALO WIELER III
  • Controls for Akuma{easy mode is needed) just press select while fighting

    Here are the special moves for Akuma (easy mode)

    Hadoken- right b
    Fire Hadoken-left b
    upercut-down b
    Hurracane Kick-left a
    Jump Hadoken- jump the press right b in the air

    Hint you can also use l and r to make the specials more powerful, but i think it is harder to do it like that.
    Submitted by None
  • Easy Special Character Moves

    On easy mode all can be done by pressing A+B at the same time.

    Balrog:Crazy Bufflo
    Blanka:Ground Shave Roll Attack
    Cammy:Spin Dive Smasher
    Dee Jay:Dread Carnival
    Dhalsim:Yoga Inferno
    E.Honda:Oni Musau
    Fei-Long:Rekka Shinken
    Guile:Double Somersault Kick
    Ken:Shoryu Reppa
    M.Bison:Knee Press Nightmare
    Ryu:Shinku Hadoken
    Sagat:Tiger Genocide
    T.Hawk:Double Typhoon
    Vega:Rolling Claw Dive
    Submitted by Anthony Reda

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