Stunning sunset pics taken in GTA 5

Natural beauty

GTA 5 is a game about violence, family, and the American dream. So, most of the images captured on the game's virtual phone camera are... well, pretty unsavoury. We've all run over a pedestrian with a Star Tours bus, and snapped a selfie next to his corpse. Right? No? Just me then. Sometimes, though, people take pictures of pure beauty.

The following are all images taken by GTA 5 players--members of the mighty GTA V O'Clock community--on their in-game phones, and they each depict one of the game's magnificent sunsets. To simply tell you how amazing they look doesn't do them justice, so I invite you to sit back, put some soothing music on, and casually flick through these lovely pictures.

Want to see all the pics as a video, with nice relaxing music? It's right here.

Submitted by: AltEvoMusic

Submitted by: AltEvoMusic

Submitted by: ArranDavidson

Submitted by: AustinLippold

Submitted by: Barfy86

Submitted by: Barfy86

Submitted by: Battyman2000

Submitted by: BrianBarnes

Submitted by: BryceJennings


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