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  • Skip Levels

    Enter this code to enable level skipping cheat.First push enter,then Type Ophelia and Push enter Agian.(on the screen It should say code enabled).The Type where ever you want to go.
    Their are three types Of aleins Type whatever aleins then press any # 1-10
    Starcraft Cheat Code Usage Instructions:The following codes only function in single player custom games & campaign games. To utilize them once in a game, press the 'Enter' key. An on-screen prompt appears which reads 'Message:' in colored letters. Type in the code you have selected and press the 'Enter' key again. The message 'Cheat Enabled' should then appear above where the message prompt used to be to confirm the code was activated. Repeat the process with the same code to disable it.
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  • Starcraft Cheat Codes:

    Code: Resulting Effect:
    power overwhelming God Mode: your units become invincible and extremely strong
    black sheep wall Reveals entire map & disables Fog of War
    war aint what it used to be Disables the re-growth of Fog of War
    modify the phase variance Allows the building of all units and structures
    food for thought Allows the building of units beyond the supply limit
    operation cwal Increases all building speeds
    something for nothing Upgrades 1 level of all weapons/armor etc...
    the gathering Infinite 'spell' energy
    medieval man Researches all 'spells'
    noglues Disallows the computer to employ 'spells' Also reported disables computer from using your cheats
    no cheats for you Computer does not share your cheats
    show me the money Provides a bonus 10,000 Minerals & 10,000 Gas
    whats mine is mine Provides 500 Mineral Credits
    breathe deep Provides 500 Vespene Gas
    there is no cow level Instantaneous victory in current scenario
    game over man Instantaneous defeat in current scenario
    staying alive Disallows completion of current mission
    ophelia Master code to enable level warping. After enabling: terranX, or zergX, or protossX; where X is desired level #
    glues Computer can't advance in technology
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