Special Forces tentacle-fest! Jill Valentine and Shuma-Gorath confirmed for Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Though you'll have to buy the Collector's Edition if you want them straight away. Curse you, Capcom!

In aGameStop addetailing the game's Collector's Edition, early access to two DLC characters is listed. Those two characters are the aforementioned beret-wearing zombie killer and nothing-wearing, tentacled world killer. Both will be available (presumably at a price) for standard edition buyers, but only after coveters of higher-priced shiny versions have had four weeks to practice with them.

As for shiny things, the CE also comes in a steelbook case with special artwork, includes a 12-page prologue comic book by Marvel's Frank Teri, andcomes packing aone-month subscription to Marvel's Digital Comics service. It's yours for $69.99 (no word on ye olde European monetries yet), and the GameStop version also comes with some 5 x 7 vinyl decals with which to deface your console, should you choose to pre-order.

So? Excited? Will you be grabbing the Collector's Edition when it hits in February, or are you happy to wait a month to get your hands on Jill and old eyeball face?


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