Sony sells Prototype (a two year-old game from its £19.99 Platinum range) on PSN for £31.99. Seems fair

Well, fair if you're Montgomery Brewster and you need to piss away all your moolah

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Are you a minor league baseball player who%26rsquo;s just come into a big-ass fortune courtesy of a deceased relative? Does said fortune contain some whacky clause where you have to throw away all the cash in a month in order to receive an even more astronomical amount of dosh? Congratulations: you%26rsquo;re clearlyMontgomery Brewster. Now, may we suggest blowing your first wad of cash on Prototype, a two year old game, which has just been released on PSN for a wallet-crippling %26pound;31.99.

To put things in perspective, you can go toAmazon, or any other number of online retailers for that matter, and pick the game up for around %26pound;12. And that%26rsquo;s hardly surprising, consideringPrototype is now part of the PS3%26rsquo;s Platinum range. Y%26rsquo;know, the budget treatment given to games that sell over a certain amount of copies? Oh, and are traditionally always sold for %26pound;19.99!

Above: No wonder Alex looks pissed. He was going to use that %26pound;12 to get his nails done

Now, we know wandering down to your local video game emporium can be a trying process. Queuing behind clueless soccer moms who are buying shitty Wii shovelware for their estranged kids. Having to make small talk with the game-peddling gibbon behind the till. Possibly getting stabbed on public transport on the way back home. But honestly, while buying a game on PSN is slightly more convenient, it sure as hell ain%26rsquo;t convenient to the tune of 12 of the Queen%26rsquo;s finest English pounds.

Of course, you might well be Monty Brewster. In that case, get onto the PSN now while Prototype is still horrendously overpriced. That money isn%26rsquo;t going to piss itself away on its own.

Source: Badass Panda

Dec 16, 2010

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