Sonic 4 confirmed for an official October 7th-15th landing on all announced platforms

Only two weeks left to argue over the best Sonic game most of you haven't played

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Huzzah, Sonic 4 will be here October 7th through the 15thin all territories, on all announced platforms,iPhone be damned!The hedgehog may%26rsquo;ve fallen a tad short of the summer, however, Sega has allegedlyconfirmed through its official twitter that that Sonic%26rsquo;s first episodic DLC adventure will arrive everywherejust in time for%26hellip;Halloween?

Above: Sonic 4 - Episode 1 = $15/ %26pound;10
iPhone App Store - Oct. 7th
Wii -Oct. 11th (EuropeOct. 15th)
PSN - Oct. 12th (Eurpoe Oct. 13th)
XBL - Oct. 13th

Whatever! A solidified release date is always good news, as that generally means a demo could potentially be coming to your console sooner than that (although, two weeks does%26rsquo;t leave a lot of breathing room for that.) Best of all, fans will finallyget to weigh indefinitiveltyon justhow much the color of Sonic%26rsquo;s eye colorcompletely ruins the gamplay. I%26rsquo;m guessing it%26rsquo;ll range from "not at all"to "immensely."

Above: Not sure why, but I love this picture... Adorable!

Sep 24, 2010


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