Skyrim Avatar Collection arrives for Xbox Live

Bethesda is celebrating the imminent release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (and the knowledge it can make loads of cash from the sale of virtual goods) with the release of its Skyrim Avatar Launch Collection on Xbox Live. The collection features a mix of costumes and props inspired by the upcoming open-world RPG and includes a premium Skyrim Theme for the more decorative fans.

The complete list is as follows:

  • Dragonborn Armor – 400 Microsoft Points ($4.99)
  • Dragon Bone Armor – 400 MSP ($4.99)

  • Mage Robe – 320 MSP ($3.99)
  • Dark Brotherhood Armor – 400 MSP ($4.99)
  • Dragon Bone Helm – 240 MSP ($2.99)
  • Dragon Prop – 240 MSP ($2.99)
  • Elder Scroll Prop – 240 MSP ($2.99)
  • Magelight Prop – 240 MSP ($2.99)
  • Stormcloak Helm – 240 MSP ($2.99)
  • Skyrim Premium Theme – 240 MSP ($2.99)

Above: No, that's actually not a screenshot from Skyrim. Shocking, we know.

The funniest part is that this is technically even sillier than Oblivion's notorious "Horse Armor" downloadable content – at least you could use that in-game. This stuff is even further removed from the game, and it will cost you nearly $40 to purchase everything the Skyrim Avatar Collection has to offer. However, unless you're one of those “new-outfit-every-week” types, you really only need one outfit to show your Skyrim allegiance. May we suggest the Dragonborn Armor and Dragon Prop?

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim arrives for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on November 11 (December 8 in Japan).


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  • DualWieldingIsNotFeasible - November 3, 2011 8:23 p.m.

    I love playing with character customization in any game that will let me, and my XBL avatar is no exception. But I'd never actually spend money on any of this stuff. Which sucks, because I really want that Dark Brotherhood gear. I wish more of the avatar accessories were just unlockables I could earn by actually playing a game, instead of spending an outrageous amount of money on.
  • fashionppo - November 3, 2011 7:45 p.m.

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  • D0CCON - November 3, 2011 2:32 p.m.

    Not even Skyrim can get me to buy this crap (although I wonder if the game itself will have any unlockable avatar outfits. I'm still wearing the stuff I got from Portal 2 achievements and I wouldn't mind switching to Skyrim).
  • NelosAngelos - November 3, 2011 11:49 a.m.

    Since every new game comes with these little "beauties" now-a-days, is it safe to assume people actually buy this junk? I will be honest, I bought 1 thing from that store. The Garrus visor from the mass effect section because...well, freakin Garrus, that's why. It wasn't even a buck. It's just hilarious that they charge 5 bucks for some of those things. I'll give em 10 cents at the most.
  • Sketchydevil - November 3, 2011 11:09 a.m.

    I dont understand why these aren't free...its even worse then wearing logos on your shirt. your paying to advertise the game..and really I dont know too many people that when they add new friends on live even check out the damn thing. I made a pretty crazy one without buying anything lol. They should be included in the Live subscription

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