Singstar was almost 'aboriginal dreamtime' where you sung to a tree

The truth about those third-person roots finally comes to light

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Singstar was very nearly a game set in 'aboriginal dreamtime'. That'saccording to Jamie Macdonald, former VP of development at SCE and now senior VP at Codemasters, who confesses: "The central mechanic involved singing to trees in a forest."

It wasalready knownthat SingStar started off life as a third-person adventure game for children, but it's clear now why the exact details were kept so secret. You know, because they're barking mad. Setting the game in a forest and having the player physically sing to unlock new environments? On one level itsounds quite Zelda-like... but on another, it makes Okami look as accessible as Call of Duty.

Above: Singing to a treeis a refreshingly different gameplay experience. Too much bloom lighting, mind

%26ldquo;We realised we needed the technology to identify pitch and rhythm," said Jamie. "In the end we weren%26rsquo;t sure the market was ready for a game about aboriginal dreamtime but by that stage we%26rsquo;d developed a neat bit of technology. Then we thought %26ndash; we%26rsquo;ve got this, can we use it in a different way?" The answer, of course, was yes.

But we still want the tree game.

17 Aug, 2010


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