Shame gets a new red band trailer

A new red band trailer has emerged online for Steve McQueen’s upcoming sex-addiction drama Shame , and a casual flirt has never seemed so draining.

The trailer shows Michael Fassbender’s character giving an attractive young lady the glad eye on a busy subway train, a sequence intercut with short, sharp images of his other sexual conquests.

Check out the new trailer below…

It’s an extremely effective way of conveying the character’s inability to focus on anything but his urges, and the teaser manages to establish a good deal about the film’s set-up without using so much as a single word of dialogue.

Far from titillating the audience, the footage chooses to focus on the destructive side of desire, Fassbender’s face wracked with frustration when he realises his prey has given him the slip. Mark our words, this one is going to be intense.

Shame arrives in UK cinemas on 13 January 2012.