SFX Whedon Special

There’s a different format to the latest SFX special – two 100 page magazines in one, both all about the Whedonverse


Worlds Of Whedon

We don’t think we’re making an overstatement when we say that Joss Whedon is the most important creative force to emerge in sci-fi and fantasy TV during SFX ’s 201-issue lifetime. From the vampire slaying of Buffy to the interplanetary misbehaviour of Firefly , Whedon has become one of the most crucial, influential voices in pop culture. A good subject, then, for the latest SFX Special Edition.

In fact, we’ve decided that Joss is such a worthy recipient of the Special Edition treatment that we’ve devoted two whole magazines to him. In your Worlds Of Whedon pack, you get a features magazine crammed full of new interviews and fun stuff, while The Complete Joss Whedon is brimming with over 300 reviews, featuring his movie, TV and web work. Don’t believe the hype? Here’s what you get for your £7.99:


In features magazine Worlds Of Whedon you can look forward to:

  • A massive, exclusive 14-page interview with Joss Whedon, in which he talks about the early days, the cancellations, The Avengers , Ripper , Serenity 2 and loads more.
  • Brand new, exclusive interviews with 11 stars who found fame  in Joss Whedon shows, including Eliza Dushku, Nathan Fillion, Anthony Head,  Charisma Carpenter and Adam Baldwin.
  • Conversations with Jane Espenson, Tim Minear and other  writers who made their names with Joss, and went on to become some of the  leading lights in US television.
  • An in-depth trip into the world of Whedonverse comics,  including news on upcoming Firefly title The Shepherd’s  Tale .
  • A look at the music of Whedon’s shows, including chats with  the composers behind “Once More, With Feeling” and Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog .
  • An exploration of Joss Whedon fandom at the San Diego  Comic-Con, plus a look at new Firefly fan film Browncoats: Redemption .
  • All the reasons Joss is the perfect man to helm The Avengers .
  • A glimpse at a world where Joss Whedon is king (it looks  like a cool place to live).
  • A celebration of the Whedonverse’s top supporting  players.
  • A look at Joss’s work beyond his TV shows.
  • The Jossary.
  • More!

If that doesn’t sound like enough The Complete Joss Whedon boasts:

  • Complete episode guides for Buffy The Vampire Slayer , Angel , Firefly , Dollhouse and Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along  Blog .
  • The big reveal of your Top 30 Joss Whedon episodes. (Clue:  At least one of them involves singing).
  • Reviews of the movies Joss scripted for the big screen –  even Alien Resurrection .
  • Breakdowns of what made each of the TV shows work (or  not…)

Worlds Of Whedon is in the shops from Thursday 30 September, priced £7.99. You can also buy it online here .


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