See Sub-Zero’s kool origin story

Lots of fighting game characters kan throw fireballs. But Sub-Zero kan throw fireballs that freeze his opponents. That’s because Sub-Zero is ‘Kool’ with a capital ‘K.’ Like most kool people, Sub-Zero understands that the letter ‘c’ is for chumps and people who don’t use spell check. You kan find out more about what makes the super kool killer tick in the latest Mortal Kombat teaser, which kandidly kovers Sub-Zero’s origin story.

Above: Sub-Zero’s kool origin story

Nov 12, 2010

GamesRadar original animation: Sub-Zero has trouble with life
Those icy powers are great in a fight, but in day-to-day life? Inconvenient

E3 2010: Hands-on with Mortal Kombat
On its way to a flawless victory


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