Say goodbye to your Mii

Even the most macho, beer-loving, male gamers will find themselves squealing like little schoolgirls when they witness the saccharine charms of MySims for the Wii. The striking similarities between the look of the MySims’ Sims to the Wii’s Miis are most noticeable. Only, the Sims, are more customizable, quirkier, and - dare we say - unbelievably adorable. They laugh, cry, dance, and start reading the morning paper when they use the bathroom. But, “These characters were being designed way before [EA] even knew about the Miis.” says product manager, Matt Bendett.

As you can see from the video below, you can customize any feature of your Sim - from head to toe - by simply clicking on the body part in question. The endless options of hairstyles, facial features, and accessories allow you to make your Sim look like anything. Whether you want your Sim to be a virtual you, or a bald old man in a house dress, there’s a combination of features that’ll suit you.

You’ll start off in a run-down town that needs some fixing up. Decorate the town and homes of the Sims living there and you’ll attract more residents and open up new areas. But there’s no epic over-arching quest to need to complete. MySims is about creating the world you want with the sort of Sims that you like.

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