Exclusive: Rift's "Instant Adventure" going live next week

When we last saw Rift, the developers were showing off the massive 1.6 update, which added the Ember Isle to the list of the game's locations. But beyond the isle, Trion also talked up Instant Adventure – a completely new addition to the gameplay. At the time, the developers said that were unsure of a release date, though they said that it was going to be intentionally held back from release in order to give players a chance to check out the new content that came with 1.6. Apparently, Trion believes enough time has passed; it is current planning on releasing Instant Adventure next week, giving players a new way to play Rift.

Instant Adventure is fairly simple: join into a group just as you do when joining a dungeon and you'll be given a random outdoor quest in a level-appropriate area. The quests scale to the size and level of the group, rolling into new quests as the old ones are finished. Eventually it'll peak, hitting a rare monster and giving everyone involved sweet loot, before dropping back down and continuing to push the mass of players around the level. It sounds like a great addition for both hardcore and casual players alike, as it'll give those who have done everything infinite new content to do, and those who don't have time to do everything a chance to participate in big groups for as little (or as long) as they wish.

We'll have more about Rift next week, so check back if you're interested in finding out even more awesome Rift news.


  • Embolado - December 3, 2011 6:21 p.m.

    Best thing to help you grind out those last levels is to get a group and do some mathos rep grind out in Stilmore. Once you hit 50 start getting some money and with the help of guildes get some gear made. Then just start face rolling T1/T2 dungeons, trust me you will get geared quickly as it seems that there is always alot of cleric gear that drops. I have racked about 900+hrs in game and for the most part the community is great.
  • tority - December 3, 2011 10:48 a.m.

    I'm playing Rift for the past couple weeks (roughly 240h spent in the last 6-7 weeks) and the game is awesome I can't think of someone having done all the content. So many quest, achievement, artifact to collect PVP , dungeons, simply wow (oh wait can i use wow in a rift post?) Sadly, some content is for lvl 50 only carac (getting there at lvl 44 as a cleric/heal which is long btw)
  • Embolado - December 3, 2011 7:46 a.m.

    There is just so much content coming out, which is a great thing. Tried the SWTOR beta, while voice acting was excellent didnt like the fact that once you choose your style you are locked to it, I still prefer the end game experience that I recieve in Rift. The public test shard is really used to find the next "best class" setups more so than trying to break the game to fix errors. What I did get to play was more of the kill this, but if the rewards are great it could find itself constantly being used. Neobehamut - Freeholme Vs the World Side note the reCaptcha is getting rediculous difficult and keeps me from posting more often

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