Return to Rapture in BioShock Infinite DLC on November 12

2K Games will launch part one of BioShock: Infinite’s Burial at Sea DLC on November 12. Infinite’s campaign expansion sees Booker and Elizabeth return to Rapture before the fall of the underwater city that served as the setting for the original BioShock and its sequel.

While the first part of the story sees players resume the role of Booker, the second will see them step into Elizabeth’s shoes for the first time. Playing as the female protagonist will be less combat-focused and more strategic, with Irrational Games boss Ken Levine describing Elizabeth's chapter as “almost survival horror”.

The Burial at Sea add-ons will each be priced at £9.99 / $14.99, but both can be picked up as part of a £13.49 / $20 DLC season pass. The pass includes additional content called Clash in the Clouds, which offers 60 challenges set across four new areas of Columbia and provides players with the opportunity to access new Voxophones and Kinetoscopes. Watch the first five minutes of Burial at Sea here.


  • g1rldraco7 - October 25, 2013 4:50 p.m.

    Nice release date here :)
  • CitizenWolfie - October 25, 2013 10:21 a.m.

    Pretty brave going up against Battlefield and Call of Duty which will both be released soon. Even braver considering PS4 and Xbone will be out shortly after. Hope it does well though, I love the noir vibe.
  • Spider3PO - October 25, 2013 12:28 p.m.

    Yeah no, not really competition. Seeing as dlc doesn't suffer like a newly minted game does from competition, I think it'll be fine. There is no such thing as used dlc that cuts a game company out of some of it's profit. Thus, it wouldn't hurt the company even if Bioshock fans waited till January to buy it. Also, not everyone is getting a PS4 this year. Many stores can't meet that demand even if they wanted to. Xbone, I don't know. I haven't been following that much to know how they're doing in pre-orders. Not to mention, this is only $15. Or $20 with a season pass to get it all in the long run. That's a small price to pay. And it's one that is easy to pay for a fan. So I wouldn't say it's brave, but rather good timing. Before the next gen really kicks into high gear next year. And I don't mean January or February. The pay off to having a next gen might not be felt until spring. So competition? No, not really.

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