We've already racked our brains for everything we know about Resident Evil 6's mysterious Mercenary, but Capcom's just revealed that the enigmatic probably-Wesker won't be the game's only gun-for-hire. The other Mercenary... IS YOU, in that the company's confirmed the return of score-attack Mercenaries mode for the upcoming sequel. And in that you're being asked to choose your loyalty based on who's offering the best deal, that being kind of what a mercenary does to pay the rent.

Depending on where you place your preorder, Capcom's got one of three exclusive bonus maps for the Mercenaries mode, which you can see in their spooky potentially-haunted emptiness in the gallery above. Amazon preorders will get the High Seas Fortress map, possibly because Amazon is all about “shipping” things to people; GameStop customers get the Catacombs, whose confounding array of booby-traps sort of mirror GameStop trade-in practices, slammed this week in a CA court; early adopters at Best Buy get the Railyard, which you will be relieved to hear doesn't relate to Best Buy in any way that we can see.

The game's due on October 2nd, which gives you some five months of agonizing back-and-forth indecision – or ten minutes of saying, “meh, I'm sure the others will be downloadable later down the line,” and five months of assuring yourself that sure, that's probably what “exclusive” means in this context.


  • Sy87 - April 12, 2012 10:07 p.m.

    I got to agree who ever decided this is /*your choice of word*/. Gets really annoying. Oh an another thing is that I found out a gamestop employee added a preorder to the game when I bought orc. After I said no. I think preorder are losing flavor fast. Most of the time the item sucks anyway. But yeah I think I am up for the used game market. Take that capcom. Bring back the original style with improvements of course. I will buy an HD update of RE2 and RE3 though. I just miss them too bad my playstation is missing.
  • 13itch007 - April 12, 2012 5:25 p.m.

    I really hate when game companies make maps an exclusive thing, because after you receive the game, some time down the road your friend is going to get it, and you can't play this map with your friend because s/he doesn't have it. Way to go Capcom! Just take a page out of Call of Duty: Black Ops Veteran edition's book.

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