Rage: final gameplay trailer takes you into Jackal Canyon

Sniper battles and balloon fighting may be your last glimpse before launch

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Here's id Software's latest and last gameplay trailer for Rage, a preview of the “Recover the Decrypter” mission from the game's Jackal Canyon area. It's a break from the claustrophobic vault-infiltration we've seen plenty of so far, with the canyon's wide expanse and deep walls providing plenty of opportunity for long-range combat. Which is lucky, because an FPS without plenty of opportunities for sniper-rifle showboating ain't no FPS at all. Um, unless it's Doom.

id has been generous with the previews of Rage: this six-minute clip alone offers a look at racing, ranged and close combat, not to mention bizarre but ingenious barrel-dodging and balloon-shooting sections to break up the standard face-exploding fare. Rage releases on Oct 4 in North America and later next week in Europe and Australia.

Sep 29, 2011

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