QOTW: What peripheral let you down the most?

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We've all drooled over one peripheral or another in the past, and when we finally acquired the things that would change gaming forever and held them in our trembling hands, we expected our TVs to explode with rainbow-colored debris of purified fun. That didn't happen. The grey, plastic reality of our purchases silently glared at us through cheap red buttons and glossy light sensors, and our anticipation metamorphosed into disappointment and bitterness. Which peripheral made you bitter?

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Rattlehead wrote...
"I played every Half Life game except the expansion packs to the original. I played HL2 first when it came out for Xbox. I didn't have a good PC for gaming so I never got to play the original until I lucked out and found it for PS2 at Gamestop"

TrigunGamer wrote...
"Hmm... I've beat all the games in the Luminous Arc series, all the games in the Kingdom Heart series (re: chain of memories doesn't count because its the same as the GBA one, and I beat that) and that's about it. I don't buy a game just because it's the sequel,prequel,expansion, whatever of a game I already have, that promotes marketing bullshit and lets companies sell tons of the same stuff with facelifts (Halo: ODST, Pokemon). Both Luminous Arcs were good and the quality went up instead of down with the second one and Kingdom Hearts vastly improved the battle system of the first game in the 2nd one. That doesn't mean I'll sell out to any game with the words Kingdom Hearts or Luminous Arc on it. I refuse to promote the crap that marketing tries to pull on gamers of the world."

KillDrone wrote...
"While I only consider the Naughty Dog versions of Crash Bandicoot the REAL ones. I will admit to playing and beating 98% of the Crash Bandicoot games."

FartsonMilk wrote...
"The Contra series without using the Konami code at all in any of them. Also any of the Gradius games that came over there as well."

Samuel71 wrote...
"I really wish I could answer "Zelda," but Phantom Hourglass is such a damned bad game that I can't bring myself to beat it. It's funny, because I'd beaten all the other games in the series by about a year ago... but that one game is just so f***ing boring.

Anyway, I have beaten the entire Half-Life saga, as well as the Paper Mario series. But those series don't contain all that many games, so it's nothing to be proud of, really...

Oh, and I will beat Phantom Hourglass by the end of the year. It was one of the New Year's resolutions I made in January, hahaha."

dweller wrote...
"Space Quest. The only time I've forced myself to play a couple of old school VGA or EGA graphic adventure games to completion. The second one Vohaul's Revenge being the most difficult to get into since it didn't have a remake."

Sep 03, 2009

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