Q & A with Tomb Raider's executive designer

So how much of the game is complete at the moment?

Ginn: Everything from Peru, Greece and Egypt is in place, and what I want to do now is shift the emphasis so that we’re working from the back - so that the end is perfect. We want the encounter with Natla to be awesome and true to people's memories, then - if we run out of time - at least we've got those things covered.

So the areas are the same? Peru, Atlantis, St Francis’ Folly? We loved that bit…

Ginn: St. Francis' Folly is awesome, isn’t it? We're working on that section of the game at the moment. Much like the T-Rex fight, that’s something we have to get right because peoples' memories of it are so grand. If you go back and play it, it's actually not as great as you remember - but we want to be accurate to peoples' memories, not the original game.

Is Anniversary going to be more balanced in terms of the types of enemies?

Ginn: Rather than just have one or two bats, we're going to have swarms of them, and big flocks of wolves and raptors so it's less one-on-one. But the emphasis is very much on Lara versus the creatures and animals rather than Lara versus the humans. I don't think the balance is quite there yet, but the quality of those encounters has definitely gone through the roof.


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