• christopher-prevayl-brandao - June 13, 2013 1:44 p.m.

    The DRM thing i actually understand Microsofts point. Because when it comes to Album CDs and Movies, if your selling it for your own profit, its borderline pirating. I actually dont mind supporting the developers and getting my own copy anyway. But im old school like that. I dont like selling my games either. Im a graphics and product designer I appreciate the art put into developing games. But thats just me. Now beside those to negative even though for me its not so bad. Ill give 2 points to Playstation for that and another point for the price. So 3 points for Sony based on 3 points of interest. Now lets go to Xbox because other than that PS4 offers nothing out of the normal for gaming, basic (expected) social media integration and party chat blah blah blah. So there is no point giving for that. It should be the minimum standard. Oh also before i say xbox rating Sony gets one more point for Gaikai online storage. Thanks god they atleast added that. So 4 points for Sony. Now for Xbox one. They dont get any points for drm, online restriction, and price, cuz sony got those points. But now lets go to features and etc. Xbox comes with the kinect, which most think is stupid but thats because your dumb as fuck. The technology is something thats not in any other consumer product so go F yourself if your gonna down play that technology. Xbox gets a 2 points for offering not just a cam for chats but also the voice command and special tech that reads your body. If its was just a cam 1 point but since it does way more 2. Xboox has support for 4k Video which Playstation doesnt. Now if you say 4k is not gonna be around anytime soon. These consoles need to last 10 years so even 5 years from now 4k will become more and more in use. So xbox gets a point there. Xbox cloud Computing AND storage. Is what most none IT dont understand, and since you dont understand it STFU. You sound stupid saying cloud power is bs lie. Ask 3D designers if their cloud renders dont work. They will look at you like no shit it does Autodesk (top 3d crative software companies) offer Cloud rendering as a service. So it is working functioning technology. Its brings powerfull added comp power to your system and is infinitely upgradable. Ps4 is all in the box thats it no upgrades. Gaikai DOES NOT DO COMPUTATIONAL FREAKING CALCULATIONS. ITS NOT GONNA HELP YOUR XBOX PROCESS ENVIRONMENTAL ELEMENTS WITHIN A SCENE. Its a game Streaming service. So if you do just a little research on Gakai vs Xbox One Cloud. You will be surprised all IT articles saying the same damn shit so wake up. Xbox gets a point there. thats the future of gaming it will allow for consoles to stay cheap while offering amazing power still and growing power. Cloud takes a load off of the CPU so the CPU can do more other stuff. Now we are tie 4 point for ps4 and xbox one. But xbox Im not done. Its a tv Tuner/ controller with full guide integration thats insane. Now dont say you dont need that you can just change input. You fucking turd that is just an ADDED bonus, It will make it easier and makes navigating tv easier, and no need for a remote and replacing batteries on your remote. I rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Ever heard of that its true anywhere so wtf not here. you guys are literally bashing a device for having to much features. You have no problem with Netflx but you have a problem with tv. wow oxy-fucking-moron. So xbox gets a point there. True multi tasking beyond the chat/streaming while playing. This is true multi tasking. You can Skype chat and Gam or browse internet. Watch NBA and check your Fantasy stuff. Its true Snap Windows feature. Ps4 doesnt have that at all. So a point goes there. So 6 points to xbox and 4 to ps4. Now i love the PS4 but im a freaking realist and a Techy. Im not gonna lie to myself that Ps4 has more features than xbox. All i can say is atleast ps4 doesnt have restritions but Xbox is more next gen technology. its offered new things to the table. All in one. I rememebr when cellphones became all in one. people where like why? (dumbasses) now when they actually use it and see how easy it is to do the things your already like using now everyone likes smartphones. Its LOGIC if something can do multiple tasks then it can obviously do one. So yes it can game. The graphics now are the same almost on both systems but xbox will get better like ps4 as devs have more time to craft games for the consoles but. Xbox cloud will get even more powerfull so. Stop lieing to yourself. If drm and internet is your only issue i understand but dont talk about power cuz ddr5 is not enough of a difference to overpower the now and future of CLOUD computing. If you think so then you are not a true techy. You just like tech you dont KNOW tech.
  • ysl-ultd - June 26, 2013 1:28 p.m.

    You know that Sony has also cloud aka "Gaikai", isn't it similar?
  • josue-santos - November 27, 2013 8:52 a.m.

    Its not really an all in one multimedia power house because you still need to connect your digital cable box to the Xbox, which really just leads to additional wear and tear on a system. In the end they took their focus away from just pure gaming. If i wanted something purely original i would go with the Wii U because Originality and cutesy fun features is what i expect from Nintendo. Now being "Old School" could also mean that you are older and have much more disposable income and that you have additional interest than just playing games. In which case that explains why you give so many "points" for what is more important to you but not necessarily better for gaming
  • BladedFalcon - June 11, 2013 9:12 p.m.

    Well... I still don't plan to buy either at launch. But if Sony keeps it's word regarding the DRM-Free thing? then you fucking bet PS4 is the one for me. Anything else the Xbone does or can do doesn't matter after that.
  • barrage7667 - June 11, 2013 6:47 p.m.

    PS4 wins for me because of two simple words. "Naughty Dog"
  • DCaff - June 11, 2013 6:13 p.m.

    I already preoredered my Xbox one. I am super excited. Xbox conference was all about games. I have had every single console and I just like the games that come out for Xbox more. Sony exclusives don't appeal to me. For all of you saying Sony conference was more about games...they showed a bunch of games that are coming out on both consoles. I'm tired of Sony fanboys...blind, ignorant, and flat dumb. I'm not an Xbox fanboy either, I will be getting both but Xbox I'll get first cause the games like project spark,
  • DCaff - June 11, 2013 6:20 p.m.

    Sorry I hit send on I was saying, project spark, titanfall, quantum break, and ryse...those look amazing. I don't care for grand torismo and final fantasy. I was leaning too the Ps before e3 but Microsoft games killed it. On a side note about Sony fanboys. Most of you are like "look how dumb you Xbox fans are spending so much money....hmmm remember ps3...699 when Xbox was 100-200 dollars cheaper. And last gen you said how dumb Xbox fans were for paying for online play...but now y'all are just like" its worth it". Blind. Fanboyism is just annoying. I will buy a ps4 when they show me a reason too.
  • barrage7667 - June 11, 2013 6:55 p.m.

    pssssssh way to exaggerate it was only 599 gosh...
  • BladedFalcon - June 11, 2013 9:10 p.m.

    Hey, at least PS4 get to own their games, and share, lend, sell, trade and rent them as they please. And they don't get to worry about being connected to the Internet at all if they just wanna play in single-player. Also... pro-tip, if you want to be taken seriously when ranting about any kind of fanboy. Don't act like a fanboy yourself and don't result to petty, single-minded insults. That just deflates your entire stance, and borrows no credibility to your "I'm not a fanboy" statement whatsoever.
  • Tkprice - June 14, 2013 10:48 a.m.

    If your going too act like you know what your talking about at least use correct grammer; ooo and try to have realistic information. Xbox One will have a used game market; by the way Microsoft confirmed that the first day of E3 (6/11/2013) just incase I had to spell it out for. Next time try to sound like you know what your talking about, and act creditable.
  • BladedFalcon - June 14, 2013 11:27 a.m.

    You definitely could use your own advice concerning grammar and spelling, y'know... And never did I say that the Xbone wouldn't have a used game market... just that it doesn't let you trade and share games as you please, which it doesn't. Bitch all you want, I wasn't wrong about what I said, PS4 will allow you to trade and sell and sent as you please, however you want, to whomever you want, zero restrictions. With the Xbone, it isn't at all as you please, it's on MS's own limiting terms. If you're going to fanboy rage, at least do it right... Also, creating your account just today, and this being your first post, you're either a troll, or a fanboy imbecile, so either way, don't expect me to bother with you again, Toodles ;)
  • imagremlin - June 12, 2013 6:08 p.m.

    There's a difference, the PS3 was pitched as superior, hence costing more. Whether it was true is up for debate, but back then it was believable. Even then, Sony suffered for their decision and the lesson has been learned. Today the XBOXOne is offering what most consider less, while asking for more money. A lose-lose proposition. It's Microsoft's turn to take the reality pill. The XBOXOne situation is so bad, at least for me, that it will be the first console I will not buy in four generations, unless they ditch their beyond ridiculous DRM. There is no exclusive so wonderful that will have me bow to those rules.
  • deangelo-labon - June 17, 2013 8:49 a.m.

    the ps3 was 699 because of the first let play ps2 games on it now if you remember when they took that out how the price drop?????? now im not fanboying at i own all of the last gen systems myself and also play pc and i have a wii u and will be getting ps4 but xbox one isnt worth it all those retarded policies are just horrible you are one of many that are blinded by there silly games that you dont see that your being cheated
  • skoottur - August 3, 2013 9:42 a.m.

    The PS3 was so expensive when it first came out for multiple reasons that the xbox cant even touch. First lets do the math: When the ps3 launched a Blu-Ray player was $999.99. (I'm a manager at a Best Buy). PS3 was $599.99 and included a Blue-Ray player, gaming, computer ect.. do the math dumb shit. Xbox didn't have the ability to play movies either becuz of the switch in format. xbox didn't have wireless connections unless you baught a $100 adapter. PS3's wireless came built in. The Xbox 360 also had a hard drive of a whopping 4gb!! PS3 had a 80gb! Once you got that cheap box for the kids to play (xbox) and got it home you then relize you have to pay extra to have the ability to online! PS3's is free. The launch xbox 360 was not backwards compatible but the launch ps3 was. Listen im not a fanboy either, I own both systems. But I'm more of the adult gamer, I don't need nor want a cartoon avatar running around my screen.. xbox 360 is and good gaming console but the ps3 is a entertainment system. Big difference, and due to the things mentioned above its also the reason for the huge price difference. Do your research before thinking you know what Microsoft has. Remember Microsoft is a Software company.. not a hardware company.
  • josue-santos - November 27, 2013 8:57 a.m.

    The biggest selling point of PS plus has always been the free games and the fact that it automatically saves your game files to the cloud. paying to play online is just an evolution of that model. "PS fan boys" still win out because we went nearly a decade with out have to pay to play online. Ps Plus membership is more than just paying for permission to use your internet
  • Danomeon - June 12, 2013 8:29 a.m.

    Important to note, though. You're criticisng Sony for showing multiplatform games, but Titanfall AND spark will both ALSO be available on the PC. I was a little worried at the xbox conference. The games I was most excited for (titanfall and Project Spark) are both coming to PC, and if the history of the Dead Rising series is to be believed, it will be as well. And that Rise gameplay demo kind of worried me with all of the quick time event-looking button commands. And I'm worried about Killer Instinct being free to play, too. I'm worried that will throw the balancing off. Also, I don't know if you can really totally single out people who like Sony as fanboys and still not say to some degree that you're an xbox fanboy yourself. I mean, this entire post was literally a giant endorsement of one console while flagrantly denying the arguments of the other. There wasn't a single aknowledgement of anything Sony did right - like their promising first party history with studios like Naughty Dog, Guerilla, and Santa Monica, their $100 less price point, or the lack of used game/online restrictions. I'm kind of in the opposite camp as you. I like games like Halo, and I want to buy the console, but so far I haven't seen any reason to. All of the games I was excited about are either multiplatform, (Titanfall, Project Spark) or haven't had any gameplay footage yet (Sunset Overdrive, The new halo) and I don't know if I'm willing to wager that sunset overdrive is going to be good, considering the studio that made it just put out FUSE, which was heavily dissapointing.
  • avery78 - June 11, 2013 1:04 p.m.

    After seeing the presentations on Monday, I can safely say I will be getting a PS4. XB One had some great looking games also but there was more that appealed to me on the PS side.
  • Danomeon - June 11, 2013 9:18 a.m.

    I was excited to see xbox win me back over with great games, but they really dropped the ball. They showed good stuff, but screwed up on their two best games. Titanfall is coming to PC and 360 as well, meaning it's not an xbox one exclusive. In addition to this, Killer Instinct is free to play and starts you off with one character instead of being an on-the-shelf title! Those were the two games that had me excited! Now I'm sold on the PS4. 100 dollars less, better system specs, no used game or online restrictions, killer apps that are actually exclusives and not available on the computer as well, and a better profile of exclusive developers (Santa Monica and Naughty Dog, anyone?) I just wish that they had shown more new IPs at their conference.
  • Stankfinger92 - June 10, 2013 9:41 p.m.

    I have to say at first I was the cynical about how both would turn out with favor towards neither. But E3 showed me something I have not seen at any in the best, humor. Humor and humility were the two graceful acts that Sony pulled off by showing everyone that not only will they be getting my money from now on but they also declared themselves the winners in I think a lot of peoples minds. I heard the chant at Sony's press conference, I and think Microsoft should listen to all the fans they pissed off find solace in a home that many thought lost. All I can say now is this, I'm sorry I left Sony, I hope you understand it was for the better because now this reunion will taste all the sweeter for both of us.
  • lilj805 - June 10, 2013 8:20 p.m.

    Hands down PS4 with flying colors

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