PS3 in motion

Sony gives the GDC a real-time glimpse at four upcoming games

Also on the action front was Insomniac Games withResistance: Fall of Man.Formerly known as I-8, Resistance is a sci-fi first-person shooter that pits the player against what appear to be alien stormtroopers and creepy-crawly bug creatures. With its dark tone and visuals, it looks a little like Black would if Black let players launch swarms of glowing missiles at sinister figures in alien armor.

Insomniac also showed a brief video of an "in-development game," which featured a slow pan through a very familiar-looking futuristic city filled with flying cars and sky-high buildings. Floating police chases zipped by, huge, blimp-like ships drifted lazily overhead and a long procession of identical red robots tromped across an elevated walkway.

Insomniac didn't exactly say what the game would be, although the blimp that floated by at the end with a bigRatchet & Clanklogo on the side made it pretty clear.


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