Professor Layton and the Unwound Future puzzle guide

Ohohohoho, is the great Professor Layton stuck on a puzzle? Don't worry, we won't tell anyone. A quick peek at this guide should get you on your merry way through London present and future.

Don't worry if you miss a puzzle or two as you go, since it's impossible to completely miss a puzzle during the story. Any puzzles that become unavailable in their original locations will get sent to Beasly in the Abandoned Shop. 

Puzzles 001 - 030
Puzzles 031 - 060
Puzzles 061 - 090
Puzzles 091 - 120
Puzzles 121 - 153

Puzzle 001: Party Crasher
Location: City Square – Guard
Picarats: 10
Solution: The table with the red flower and the red tablecloth.

Puzzle 002: The Clock Shop

Location: Occurs automatically at beginning of chapter
Picarats: 15
Solution: H

Puzzle 003: Bus Scheduling
Location: Midland Road – Vito
Picarats: 10
Solution: 12:00am

Puzzle 004: Moving Day
Location: Midland Road - stairs
Picarats: 15
Solution: 3

Puzzle 005: The Timepiece
Location: Clock Shop Front – door
Picarats: 20
Solution: Press the panel that looks like an hourglass.

Puzzle 006: Needling Needles
Location: Clock shop – occurs during story
Picarats: 15
Solution: 10

Puzzle 007: What's the time?
Location: Clock Shop Back Room – big clock
Picarats: 15
Solution: 6:00

Puzzle 008: The Odd Clock
Location: Clock shop entrance – tap any clock
Picarats: 15
Solution: 12

Puzzle 009: Cogged Down
Location: Clock shop – occurs during story
Picarats: 25
Solution: B

Puzzle 010: What Day Is It? 1
Location: Anita's Place – Alfie
Picarats: 15
Solution: Friday
Unlocks Picture Book minigame

Puzzle 011: The Professor's Hat
Location: Old Bus Stop – Shipley
Picarats: 30
Sticker: plum

Puzzle 012: Follow the Arrows
Location: Southern Street – Family Goon
Picarats: 30
Solution: Move all the numbers to the correct boxes according to the arrows and rotate the 1 so that it becomes a minus sign.
Sticker: hat

Puzzle 013: Pick the Pen
Location: Hotel Lobby – Margaret
Picarats: 30
Solution: C

Puzzle 014: Find the Station!
Location: Hotel Lobby – Becky
Picarats: 20
Solution: Circle building in upper-left corner
Sticker: girl

Puzzle 015: Boxes of Matches
Location: Hotel Room - nightstand
Picarats: 30
Solution: 21

Puzzle 016: What Day Is It? 2

Location: Arcade – Family Goon
Picarats: 20
Solution: Sunday

Puzzle 017: The Messy Note
Location: Restaurant – Paillard
Picarats: 30
Solution: 8
Sticker: banana

Puzzle 018: Slippery Trip 1
Location: Arcade East Exit – banana peel
Picarats: 30
Solution: Slip on the banana peel below you to slide into the lower right corner. Move Layton back up the way you came, but turn left at the intersection that doesn't have a peel in the way. Head down from there and slide on the peel down to the bottom again to put you directly to the left of the lower right peel. From there you have a clear path to walk to the exit.

Puzzle 019: Checkerboard Bridge
Location: Flatstone St. 2 – Berta
Picarats: 35
Solution: 15

Puzzle 020: Making the Rounds
Location: Green Hospital Reception – Natalia
Picarats: 30
Solution: 63
Sticker: dead tree (Note: You should have all the stickers to complete picture book 1 now)

Puzzle 021: Medicine Time
Location: Green Hospital – Patient Room – Andrew Schrader
Picarats: 25

Puzzle 022: X-ray vision
Location: Green Hospital – Patient Room – X-ray at foot of bed
Picarats: 25
Solution: Circle the white pill-shaped object near the bottom.

Puzzle 023: The Secret Number
Location: Back of Hospital – Laytonmobile
Picarats: 35
Solution: 47

Puzzle 024: No-Go Arrows
Location: Arcade Entrance – Max
Picarats: 30
Sticker: mushroom

Puzzle 025: Back and Forth
Location: Back of Hospital – Laytonmobile (after visiting Casino)
Picarats: 20
Solution: 5

Puzzle 026: Upon Reflection
Location: N. Flatstone St. – Ward
Picarats: 30
Solution: P
Sticker: cocoa

Puzzle 027: A Game of Cards
Location: Casino Entrance – door
Picarats: 30
Solution: Circle the cards that the boy in the orange hat is holding.

PUZZLE BATTLE – Layton vs Future Luke
Solution: The spade is the card on the far right.

Puzzle 028: Slot Machine Gun!
Location: Occurs when you exit Casino
Picarats: 40
Toy car course: Big Score

Puzzle 029: Our Dream House
Location: Flatstone St. 1 – Belle
Picarats: 40
Solution: IMAGE
Toy car course: Sweet Hunt

Puzzle 030: Cookie Conundrum
Location: Southern Street – Minnie
Picarats: 30
Solution: 4
Sticker: raincoat

Puzzles 001 - 030
Puzzles 031 - 060
Puzzles 061 - 090
Puzzles 091 - 120
Puzzles 121 - 153

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  • rhona42 - February 24, 2011 11:27 p.m.

    Hi Guys. Any 1 out there got answer for puzzle 29" FOUR ROOMS" Its the only 1 i cant get and its doing my head in PLEASE help lol xx
  • phineas-flinn - January 31, 2012 5:09 p.m.

    HI look at this website for the answer:
  • Myfanwy - October 31, 2010 12:42 a.m.

    Does anyone else have a problem with puzzle 75? The pieces do not fit..seriously there is one piece that is the wrong shape!
  • elbar63 - October 4, 2010 4:52 p.m.

    Is there any way to get to the puzzles without having to travel all over London?
  • 8bitBaby - September 14, 2010 1:29 a.m.

    cool! i'm bad at some layton puzzles. the ones that come later in the games.
  • JayBeat - September 14, 2010 12:49 a.m.

    Great game, great guide.