Pre-E3 blowout day three: PC

We can't help but listen when Will Wright talks about the next big thing. The creator of the most popular PC franchise ever, The Sims, is putting his big brain behind a strategy game about evolution.

What makes Spore so magical is that a complex universe seemingly arises out of nothing. You start with a microscopic amoeba and lump on random cells and shapes that eventually form a unique creature. Somehow, it naturally understands just where to articulate joints and plant its foot (or feet).

Culture and community are formed as your creatures multiply and begin to develop their civilization. They will invent transportation and clash with other randomly generated cities of creatures made by the computer. These civilizations are guaranteed to look incredibly different from your own - which means you'll need to either subjugate or kill them (of course).

Once you've conquered your planet, your creatures will develop rockets and fly into space. You'll zoom out and see hundreds of thousands of stars that may or may not contain life. If you do find life, you'll never see the same thing again.

This game is already living up to its hype and proof that we'll never get another Will Wright.