PokémonRadar, Week 24

Welcome to the penultimate installment of Pokémon Radar.

Today we continue our coverage of the Sinnoh legendary Pokémon, already in progress. We'll look at five legendary Pokémon you'll obtain over the course of your quest, hidden throughout its myriad of ruins and caverns.

Next week GamesRadar will lead up to the April 22nd release of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl with a full week of in-depth coverage.

Now, to the Pokémon!

English Name: Heatran
Japanese Name: Hiidoran
Type: Fire/Steel
Classification: Crater
Pokédex Number: 485 National
Ability: Flash Fire - Makes immune to Fire-type attacks and boosts the potency
Location Found: Stark Mountain
Useful Attacks: Magma Storm

Northeast of Sinnoh is an island open only to the most elite Pokémon trainers, one you'll be visiting once you've established yourself as the region's foremost Pokémon Champion. At the northernmost end of this elite island is Stark Mountain, a treacherous volcano housing the region's strongest wild Pokémon. After a volcanic eruption, this smoldering Pokémon reveals itself, and will put up quite a fight before it'll lay in a Pokeball. This Pokemon's ridiculous overbite masks a formidable opponent, with an outlandish type combination and impressive stats.


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