PokemonRadar, Week 15

Welcome to the fifteenth installment of GamesRadar’s weekly feature, PokemonRadar.

No special news to report this week – today we'll examine five new Pokemon with two evolutionary stages each. 

Next week, you can look forward to five fabulous evolutions of these, including the one and only Lucario!

Now, to the Pokemon!

Pokémon Name: Mimimoru
Type: Normal
Classification: Rabbit
Pokédex Number: 067 Sinnoh / 427 National
Ability: Run Away - Can always escape from wild Pokemon, Disuse - Incapable of using held items
Location Found: Hakutai Forest
Useful Attacks: Baton Pass

How did the Pokemon games get four-deep without a normal rabbit Pokemon? Anyway, Mimimoru is a cutesy cottontail that isn't anything particularly special in battle, save a few useful moves like Baton Pass, which passes beneficial status effects to another Pokemon, and a few decent attacks of various types.




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