PokemonRadar, week 13

Welcome to the thirteenth installment of GamesRadar's weekly feature, PokémonRadar.

Last weekend, the official Pokemon site unveiled the code to get an egg for the legendary Prince of the Sea, Manaphy. You'll need a copy of Pokemon Ranger first - here's how to get it:

1. Complete the Pokemon Ranger story.
2.  After the credits roll, select the new Ranger Net option from the main menu.
3.  Complete the three Ranger Net missions.
4.  Return to the Ranger Net mission, and hold the following buttons together: Right trigger, X button, Left D-Pad. The game will now prompt you to enter the password.
5.  Enter the password: P8M2-9D6F-43H7
6.  Complete the new mission that appears to receive your Manaphy egg!

This week we'll examine three Pokemon, all of which are evolutions of some old friends. Two of today's Pokemon got their start in the original Pokemon games on the black and green Gameboy. In order to maintain internal consistency, old Pokemon must evolve using a means unavailable in previous games. All three of today's Pokemon evolve with the help of items you find on your Sinnoh adventure.

Next week, we'll take one final look at the starter Pokemon, having reached the apex of their evolutionary journey! You won't want to miss this one, folks.

Now, to the Pokemon!

Pokémon Name: Weavile
Type: Dark / Ice
Classification: Sharp Claw
Pokédex Number: 145 Sinnoh / 261 National
Abilities: Pressure - Foes use two PP for every move used
Location Found: Level up Sneasel while holding Sharp Claw at night
Useful Attacks: Blade Test

Sneasel, the sneaky weasel Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver, is back as Weavile, and sporting a stylish Mayan headress to boot. Faster and more deadly than ever, Weavile is primarily a simple stat upgrade from Sneasel, but remains a versatile Pokemon.




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