Pokemon Monday 40 - Old friends and new

Episode40 highlights

Download an Eeveelution from Pokemon.com- Before the Pokemon Global Link site fully launches, you can play a minigame on Pokemon.com that will allow you to transfer an Eeveelution of your choiceto your Black/White game. You won't be able to actually transfer it until the PGL officially launches, but you can still lock down your pick now.

What is this mysterious silhouette?- Some unusual art was unearthed from theTCG Online code. Any thoughts onwhat this could be?

Pokemon of the week: Ferrothorn - Boasting a unique type and a unique ability, Ferrothorn has tons of possibilties to explore in battle.

Question of the week: Which Eeveelution is your favorite and why?

See you next week!

Apr 4, 2011