Pirates of the Burning Sea - hands-on

We sail ships, swing swords, and find the perfect pirate hat

The game really got a chance to show off its visual assets once we started sailing our ship around. The Caribbean looks great, with sparkling water and detailed backgrounds. You%26rsquo;ll steer your vessel with the WASD keys, and the line of sight for your starboard and port cannons are indicated by faint grey cones that stem from the sides of your ship.

Once you disable your prey%26rsquo;s ship, you%26rsquo;ll have to board it and slice and dice your way towards the ship%26rsquo;s captain. Up to 20 crew members can aid you as you try to seize control of the ship. As they fall in battle, reinforcements will replenish your boarding party if you have a big enough posse that is.