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  • Extra Character:

    To Add the character named Chris to your party, follow these steps:
    1) Talk to the teacher in the room north of the entrance/exit. The teacher will talk about a student going in and out of a sealed classrom on the2nd floor.
    2) Check out the room on the 2nd floor.
    3) Talk to the student in Classroom 2-1 (the one talking to Mark).
    4) Go to the casino in Joy Street Mall and talk to Mark and his friends.
    5) Go to the abandoned factory where you'll meet Chris.
    6) Go to the Yin & Yan in Joy Street Mall and talk to Chris'mother. Whenshe asks if you know her son Chris, answer "Yes". When she asks if you will be friends with him, answer "OK".
    7) Meet Chris in the roadblock in front of the Sebec building (after the world changes).
    8) Don't allow Brad, Ellen or Alana into your party.
    9) After the school shifts in the "Ideal" Mary's world, Chris will join your party."Good" Ending:To see the game's best ending sequence, you must give specific answers to Mae when you talk to her in the Lost Forest in order to get the compact.Here are the proper responses:
    1) "If i stay here i'll be safe!" - Stop!
    2) "Why do you guys fight?" - For everyone.
    3) "Why do you live?" - For finding the answer.
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Genre: Role Playing
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Developed by: Atlus
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