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PacMan Cheats

  • Full Screen

    At the Title Screen,press Right or Left to make a "half" sign appear to the right of Player 1.Now press Start to see the entire length of the level.
    Submitted by Alex Peterson
  • More Levels

    When you turn on your Game, choose the Pac-Attack Mode. then click puzzle Mode. When you get there click password and here are some levels/passwords:

    26 KKT
    27 MDD
    28 CWD
    29 DRC
    30 WHT
    31 FLT
    32 SKM
    33 QTN
    34 SMN
    35 TGR
    36 WKR
    37 YYP
    38 SLS
    39 THD
    40 RMN
    41 TNK
    42 FRB
    43 MLR
    44 FRP
    45 SDB
    46 BQJ
    47 VSM
    48 RDY
    49 XPL
    50 WLC
    51 TMF
    52 QNS
    53 GWR
    54 PLT
    55 KRW
    56 HRC
    57 RPN
    58 CNT
    59 BTT
    60 TMP
    61 MNS
    62 SWD
    63 LDM
    64 YST
    65 QTM
    66 BRP
    67 MRS
    Submitted by None
  • More levels

    Submitted by Anthony Crawford
  • Pac-Attack puzzle mode passwords


    Stage 1:STR
    Stage 2:
    Stage 3:
    Stage 4:TRT
    Stage 5:MYX
    Stage 6:RHL
    Stage 7:RTS
    Stage 8:SKB
    Stage 9:HNT
    Stage 10:SRY
    Stage 11:YSK
    Stage 12:RCF
    Stage 13:HSM
    Stage 14:PWW
    Stage 15:MTN
    Stage 16:TKY
    Stage 17:RGH
    Stage 18:TNS
    Stage 19:YKM
    Stage 20:MWS
    Stage 21:KTY
    Stage 25:NFL
    Submitted by Jaimie Stroeder

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