Obscure II hands-on

The original game was some 8 hours in length, but the sequel should take around twice as long to finish, so don't expect to unravel the mystery of the weird flower that's cropping up around the campus (and being put in the students' mugs of tea) in one sitting.

We're a little concerned about the number of times we accidentally back-tracked under timed events due to some samey-looking corridors, and being blinded by a puzzle window as monstrosities attack you while your partner gets riddle-cracking can get annoying. But apart from these minor gripes, we're looking forward to the full version.

So far therehasn't been any mention of a US release date, but we'll let you know as soon as we hear of one.In the mean-time, don't forget to check out thescreenshots... and under your bed.

Above: PS2 does well to create some highly detailed and well-lit environments. We like it

May 9, 2007