Superman and Lobo's uneasy alliance is put to the test in a massive House of Braniac art preview

Art from Action Comics #1065.
(Image credit: DC)

The House of Braniac storyline has started to spread out across the Superman titles over the last couple of weeks, with the supervillain having launched an all out assault on Metropolis. Meanwhile, the Man of Steel's family has been abducted, forcing him into an unlikely alliance with Lobo. 

Now DC has revealed a first look at the next three instalments of the story, complete with variant covers and preview pages for upcoming issues of Action Comics, Superman, and Power Girl. There's a lot to take in here, so, without further ado...

Action Comics #1065 (House of Brainiac part three)

The next issue of Action Comics features a main story written by Joshua Williamson with art by Rafa Sandoval and Miguel Mendonça. DC's synopsis reveals:

"As Superman and Lobo fight Brainiac's Czarnian army in outer space, it's up to Supergirl and Conner Kent to tackle the threat from the inside. They'll face heavy odds, but they're joined by some unexpected and deadly allies!" 

Meanwhile, in the backup story 'Braniac & Son' by Joshua Williamson and artist Mirko Colak, readers can "witness the full, terrifying scope of Brainiac's legacy."

Check out the main cover art by Sandoval and variant covers by Jorge Jiménez, Paolo Rivera, Ivan Talavera, Ethan Young, and Mark Spears in the gallery below, followed by preview pages by Sandoval. Action Comics #1065 is published on May 14.

Superman #14 (House of Brainiac part four)

Williamson, Sandoval, and Mendonça are also behind Superman #14, which sees the unlikely team up of Superman and Lobo inevitably start to strain. DC's synopsis reads:

"Lobo has betrayed the Man of Steel, and Supes has had it with the Main Man. Even if they stop punching each other long enough to save the day, it's too late - Brainiac has everything he needs to give life to the Brainiac Queen!" 

Sandoval once again provides the main cover, with variants by Salvador Larroca, Dave Johnson, Carla Cohen, and Chuma Hill. Superman #14 is published by DC on May 21.

Power Girl #9 (House of Brainiac tie-in issue)

In this special House of Braniac tie-in issue, Power Girl must protect her neighborhood from the Czarnian army. Meanwhile, "Lobo's daughter Crush offers herself up as a diplomat to reason with her fellow Czarnians, but these aliens are as corrupt as they are crude, deciding that they'll just add Crush to their growing number of hostages. Can Power Girl save the day alone, or will she fall prey to Goblin and his intergalactic biker gang?" 

The issue is written by Leah Williams with art from Eduardo Pansica and Júlio Ferreira. Yanick Paquette provides the main cover, with variants by Tony S. Daniel and David Talaski. It's published by DC on May 28.

House of Braniac is looking good so far. Perhaps one day it will join this list of the best Superman stories of all time.

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