Oblivion - 25 creatures to find and kill

Eviscerate the finest beasts to roam the lands

Nature%26rsquo;s a beautiful thing. And Oblivion%26rsquo;s full of it: the rat%26rsquo;s trembling whiskers as he leaps at your face, the mighty ogre%26rsquo;s strength as he pounds you to dust%26hellip; hang on, nature%26rsquo;s horrible. Meet the beasts that%26rsquo;ll make your life a misery.

Kill%26hellip; Rats

These nasty little fellas will be the first creature you encounter. Their attacks - scampering around your ankles one minute, jumping at your throat the next - are more infuriating than dangerous.

Kill%26hellip; Mud crabs

Found near water, the only real threat from them is catching Swamp Fever which drains your strength. They%26rsquo;re one of the few things you can one-shot, though, which makes you feel awesome.

Kill%26hellip; Slaughterfish

A cross between an eel and a blender, this is the only foe found underwater. Tricky to dispatch because only melee attacks work in the drink, plus there%26rsquo;s always the danger of drowning.

Kill%26hellip; Mountain lions

Beautiful, majestic creatures that hang around higher altitudes in a foul mood. Fast and deadly. You%26rsquo;ll find an invisible one In Fort Caractacus, the home of an experimental conjurer. Well, it%26rsquo;ll find you%26hellip;

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