Oblivion - 25 creatures to find and kill

Nature’s a beautiful thing. And Oblivion’s full of it: the rat’s trembling whiskers as he leaps at your face, the mighty ogre’s strength as he pounds you to dust… hang on, nature’s horrible. Meet the beasts that’ll make your life a misery.

Kill… Rats

These nasty little fellas will be the first creature you encounter. Their attacks - scampering around your ankles one minute, jumping at your throat the next - are more infuriating than dangerous.

Kill… Mud crabs

Found near water, the only real threat from them is catching Swamp Fever which drains your strength. They’re one of the few things you can one-shot, though, which makes you feel awesome.

Kill… Slaughterfish

A cross between an eel and a blender, this is the only foe found underwater. Tricky to dispatch because only melee attacks work in the drink, plus there’s always the danger of drowning.

Kill… Mountain lions

Beautiful, majestic creatures that hang around higher altitudes in a foul mood. Fast and deadly. You’ll find an invisible one In Fort Caractacus, the home of an experimental conjurer. Well, it’ll find you…

Kill… Sheep

Not all that much of a threat, but they do follow you around sometimes. If you get a lion or wolf chasing you, you can head to the nearest farm and use them as a fluffy distraction.

Kill… Bears

Nothing loosens the bowels like 300lb of angry bear rearing up in front of you as you’re strolling through the forest. They’re not very fast, though, giving an agile warrior the advantage.

Kill… Imps

These winged scrotes are a pain because their small size makes them hard to spot in the wilderness. They attack with ranged spells and you’ll often find them near abandoned forts and caves.

Kill… Scamps

Stinking, stupid and cowardly, scamps are actually lesser Daedra. Created by Daedric gods they’re mainly interested in creating havoc and only a threat in large groups.


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