No More Heroes: Where's the gore gone?

European version loses Suda 51's bloody vision

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Dec 7, 2007

It's hardly a crucial matter, but after recently playing the European version of No More Heroes - the assassination actioner from Killer 7 creator Suda 51 - we're a bit miffed about the lack of bloody violence. Especially since Suda had always promised the game could be "even more violent than Manhunt 2".

Ah. But that appears to refer to the American version, which features decapitations, ludicrously brilliant fountains of blood and other ultraviolent combat consequences. In Europe, we'll be playing the 'dead bodies turn to black ash' version, which is also released in Japan.

Why? Well, we asked the chaps who showed us the game, from publisher Rising Star Games, if the decision had been influenced by the BBFC's refusal to grant Manhunt 2 a Euro release. "Maybe," was their terse answer. Hmmm.

Still, if you're worried about if it's a big deal or not, check out our footage below, and then hit up the next page for the uncensored gory US gameplay. For our money, the game's still a stylish and enjoyable triumph. But we never say no to a bit of claret...

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