New video blog for The Hobbit: watch now

The Hobbit has been a bit quiet for the last few months, but Peter Jackson and co are back this morning with a new video blog, taking you on a tour round Stone Street studios, home to the Lord Of The Rings films, and now its forthcoming prequels.

A former paint factory, the studio is now a sprawling, movie-maker’s paradise, as you’ll discover thanks to tour guides that include cast members James Nesbitt and Luke Evans.

As well as the various soundstages, we also get a peek at the actors’ trailers, the prosthetics department and a collection of assorted stunt men and women, who look like they spend a lot of their time generally pissing about.

Take a look at the new blog, below...

Above all, the prevailing feeling with all these blogs is just how much fun it looks like working on one of Peter Jackson’s Middle-earth movies. We always got that impression from the bonus material on the LOTR DVDs, and it’s good to see that things don’t seem to have changed a bit.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
opens in the UK on 14 December 2012. With just over six months to go, we’re beginning to get excited again...