THQ has released a party-sized haul of screens for the upcoming UFC Undisputed 3, and the game's attention to detail is apparent in every one of the new glimpses. Fighters drip sweat, bruise and bloody each others' pretty faces, and grimace at the receipt of a particularly palpable blow. Yes, that's real pain these digitized brawlers are feeling: this isn't professional wrestling, you know.

We last got a hands-on with UFC Undisputed 3 back in August, and were impressed with the added polish the game's longer development time had afforded even at that stage. Since then, fans have voted an appropriately scowling, sinewy Anderson Silva onto the front cover, where he previews just one of the hundreds of ways the game will enable players to pummel one another. You'll only have until January of next year to wait until channeling your own frustration into the title.

Oct 19, 2011


THQ UFC Yuke's


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