Previous console Sims games have left us a little cold. There was something about those self-consciously kooky characters and their worthy-but-dull daily routines that made us think the entire series is much better suited to casual players on the PC, where the games rank among the all-time bestsellers. But MySims could be the one to change our opinion.

It’s clearly something completely different, and the simplified structure is designed from scratch, exclusively for Wii. The aim is to attract residents to your run-down town, kick out the people you don’t want there, and turn the place into a community that reflects your own personality.

There’s no plot to follow, so you can choose to accept or ignore the requests given to you by other residents. Deliberately messing up a task will upset a Sim, and there’s also a “be mean to” button if you really want to irritate them. But they’re so sweet; it’ll take a heart of stone to deny them. Build them a nice piece of furniture, painted in their favorite colors, and they’ll bounce on it in a happy, expressive sort of way. If that wasn’t reward enough in itself, you might also get a free “essence,” which you can incorporate in future designs.

Designing objects using the create-a-thing mode is one of the cornerstones of the game. By combining building blocks, it’s possible to make practically anything. A chair, for example, could be customized to look like a dog, a motorbike or in fact something fantastically rude, just as long as it has some sort of a flat seat and a back so that Sims can usefully interact with it.


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