My Sims: First details uncovered

My Sims, the cartoonified re-imagining of EA's world-beating life series for Nintendo's Wii, will see you sprucing up a decrepit and rundown village, designing and building your own furniture and structures, and stepping in to help out the locals, with the aim of creating a charming new community.

The first solid gameplay details for My Sims, which is also set to launch on DS, are uncovered in the latest issue of Official Nintendo Magazine (UK). But for a quick info-burst on how the game works, point your eyes down:

  • The Nunchuk will be used for moving and interacting, while the Wiimote is reserved for building items.

  • When you start, your house will be in shambles, and the town near-deserted. It's your job to spruce up the place in an attempt to attract new residents and form a bustling community.

  • You can gain the trust of locals by helping them out - for instance, building a pizza oven for a chef.

Above: It seems you'll be creating, painting and placing your items with the Wiimote

  • Building items to help people is done by dropping specific blocks into a wireframe box - do it right and you'll accomplish the task. But you can build everything you own in this way too, and further customize it once it's done.

  • Collecting Essence is the main draw to helping people or exploring the surroundings - the more Essence you collect, the more styles you'll be able to apply to your creations. For example, finding pinewood allows you to apply a pine effect to an item.

  • You can gain spooky, offbeat Essences by scaring or playing tricks on your friends in the town - but they might not take kindly to your pranks!

  • The search for Essences can also take you digging - just like Animal Crossing. But where AC was about collecting and earning special items, My Sims is far more about socializing and building up a vibrant world.

Februrary 20, 2007


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