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Napster creator and World of Warcraft fan Shawn Fanning is launching an MMO version of MySpace, called Rupture, with WoW as the test ground.

It springs from his obsession with the game, and his frustration at being unable to communicate or organise effectively. Shawn’s system will tap into the game, grab your characters’ stats, and create a personalised webspace. It’ll evolve with your characters, and if you join a guild, it’ll provide a meeting space online.

If it’s successful, Fanning plans to expand Rupture to mine the data from other games, with a whole plethora of game faces and stories available to the users.

Fanning has already worked with uber-social networking site MySpace, so gathering people together in an online environment is something he knows all about. Expect the full version of the site to go live later this year but, until then, you can always hope that you’re picked for beta testing here:

January 22, 2007


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