More of the best worst screenshots ever!

Are games art? Who gives a sniff - let's look at a bunch of images so bad they're good

HistWar: Les Grognards | | PC | 2007
Above: According to Battlefront, "Nothing stirs the soul like the sight of unflinching ranks of troops advancing across the field of battle with banners held high and fluttering in the morning breeze." Fair enough, but we find that five pints of stupid juice, the aromatic whiff of amyl nitrate and an exploratory perusal of pornography on the internet works best for us

Catz/Dogz | Focus Multimedia | PC | 2007
Above: [Little girl's voice] "Mummy, those cheeky, condescending twats at the game shop have exploited our casual gaming credentials again and sold us two copies of exactly the same sodding game."

Ed's Farm | Atari | DS | TBA
Above: A couple of points strike us about this DS screenshot: 1) It's not a screenshot and, 2) Who in the holy name of Bob Ross' beard put the mental patient in charge of art direction?

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion | 2K Games | 360 | 2006
Above: This, apparently, is something to do with an orrery, which is something to do with the solar system and stuff. We think it looks like a giant robot's rusty ring piece

WWF Smackdown! Just Bring It | THQ | PS2 | 2001
Above: Obviously in 2001 THQ wasn't bothered about sending out shots that actually made its game look even gayer than everyone thought it was anyway


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