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More of the best worst screenshots ever!

Oct 12, 2007

Our previous look at some of the dullest screenshots ever to be hoisted upon us by publishers attempting - in the most feeble of manners - to show-off their games produced such an underwhelming response of absolute indifference that we've inexplicably decided to do a sequel. If you missed the first riveting instalment - or simply forgot about it the very instant you turned your eyes away from the monotonous splurge of ditchwater imagery - then you can spoil yourself with its scintillating tedium by reluctantly

For this second ill-informed stab at screenshot mockery we've got even more of the best worst pics that we've ever laid our bloodshot peepers on (or, at least, have seen in the last few frantic hours as we scoured the internet for stinkers with all the desperate intensity of a wrinkled, yellow-fingered homeless scanning the ground for prematurely tossed cancer sticks). So, without any more self-deprecating slapping around the shrubbery, venture forth with your eyeballs for another frigid fandango with more of the best worst screenshots ever! We promise that you will be disappointed..

FIFA 08 | EA | PS3, Xbox 360 | 2007
Above: Obviously EA's highly advanced Colouring In The Eyes™ development tool was on the fritz when this optically milk-like Wayne Rooney abomination was processed through EA's revolutionary Making The Screenshots Machine™

Gladiator Trials II | Tagged Software | PC | 2007
Above: Earth Elemental attacked Jerome of Malpas for 6 damage. Jerome of Malpas attacked Earth Elemental for 8 damage. Hideous Screenshot commits buggery on Optical Receptors for maximum damage

Alexendra Ledermann | Ubisoft | Wii | 2007
Above: Giving the old hoss a nice, steamy hose down. How you interpret this picture really depends on your level of humour. Ours is a few notches below base, by the way

Resident Evil | Capcom | GameCube | 2002
Above: "Hi. My name's Chris Redfield and I've been coming to Shy Zombie Killers Anonymous for about five years now. I like flying planes, wearing flak jackets and shooting guns. My favourite colour is dark."

Rapid Racoon | Lexicon Entertainment | DS | 2008
Above: This is the visual embodiment of Friday afternoon apathy