Molyneux: 'We're About to Revolutionize AI'

Lionhead's original Black & White coreteam's next project is "as close to revolutionary as anything I have ever seen" according to studio bossPeter Molyneux.

Speaking in an interview with Next Generation at GDC onMonday afternoon, Molyneux hinted that the secretnew game would revolutionize in-game AI. Although he refused to be drawn on details he said, "In the six years since Black & White [was released] they have been working improving the great things that underpinned that game, and now they are getting pretty close to something that is very significant. It's a very big thing. A new franchise and as close to something revolutionary as I have ever seen. And we're close to announcing it."

Molyneux - who has a reputation for getting overly enthused about projects in their earliest stages - was supposed to be speaking exclusively about Fable 2 (check back here for the interview around Wednesday). But despite the protestations of his long-suffering publicity handlers he couldn't resist a detour on whatever the Black & White guys are up to.

"If you think back to the one thing about Black & White that was most fascinating, you'd have to say it was that creature that learned behavior and seemed, for a certain glimpse, to be alive. Imagine if you could take that and multiply it by a billion..." At this point Molyneux was firmly silenced by his publicist. But still, pretty interesting, especially if you're a fan of innovative Lionhead games such as B&W and Fable.

Some announcements about Fable 2 will be made at GDC later this week. Keep your eyes peeled.

Courtesy of Next Generation.

Feb 19, 2008


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